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Anyone who is trying to control her weight should avoid snacking that can pack on the pounds. Here are several ways to reduce dangerous daily snacking tendencies.


Way 1: Have Menus and Food Diaries

Stop grazing throughout the day by having menus for meals. This will help someone to buy the nutritious foods that are required to cook meals. In addition, have food diaries to keep track of what everyone is eating away from home at work or at school. Sit down with the family to plan several weeks of menus that include lean proteins, whole grains, fresh vegetables and low-fat dairy products. Have fruit for dessert rather than serving pie or ice cream.


Way 2: Eat a Complete Breakfast

Eating a complete breakfast that includes a protein such as scrambled eggs, whole-wheat toast and juice or milk can prevent midmorning hunger that leads to buying unhealthy snack foods such as candy bars. Make sure that a family sits down to eat breakfast rather than taking food with them. Have plenty of time to prepare a good breakfast so that a family won’t only eat ready-made pastries that are full of sugar.


Way 3: Don’t Drive Past Restaurants

The tantalizing smells from restaurants will make someone want to stop for high-calorie snacks. If someone is tempted by the odors of french fries and fried apple pies, then she should choose a different route while driving. When someone must drive past restaurants, she should close the windows on her vehicle so that she can’t smell the tasty odors of cheeseburgers.


Way 4: Use Caution While Shopping for Groceries

To avoid the snacks that are displayed throughout a supermarket, use caution while shopping for groceries. It is important to plan a shopping trip that won’t require walking through the aisles that offer cookies, chips and candy. Never visit a supermarket without eating first because it reduces the resistance to buying snacks that are near the cash registers.


Way 5: Avoid Snacking While Cooking

It is better to avoid any snacking while cooking because it reduces hunger for healthier foods. If someone is really hungry when she arrives home from work in the evening, then slice a few raw vegetables to eat while the rest of the food is prepared.